The Candle

      Photo Credit: Neal Fowler via Compfight My eyes flew open in a dark place. There was nothing I could see. All my senses were oblivious except the faint squeak of the rats. I got up and wandered around searching for a source of light when suddenly a light flickered before my eyes and nearly knocked me off my feet. […]


I have nothing in my mind to write about right now so how about we talk about zebracorns. Zebracorns are the magical winged creatures that I just had of the top of my head. These are no regular zebras they have wings a horn and rainbow stripes. They are most often seen frolicking over the […]

Why I love snow days

I sit in front of of the tv watching the news waiting for the words to show up. Lake Travis ISD, round rock ISD, and there it was Eanes ISD… School was canceled. This why snow days are amazing. Oh my gosh it’s cancelled I texted my friend with triple explanation marks, it’s cancelled I’m […]

The Hunt for a ADC

As you might have noticed I’ve focused a lot on league of legends recently. Well here’s another. An adc as some of you might know means atack damage carry. So pretty much they kick everyone’s butt. And on our team we have every position except adc. The adc is acumpanied by the support, the position […]

Season 4

Ladies and gents. League of Legends fans everywhere. It’s… Season 4! OK, so first of all: I’m excited.  Second of all, I’m really excited, and third of all–I’m EXCITED! In this post, I’ll be talking all about the new totally rad Season Four characters… because they’re awesome! Now the first buff I’ll be looking at […]

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